16th CCNCCE International Conference, 2007

Meeting the Challenges of Sustainability for the 21st Century


Keynote Speaker: Harry Wiland


Markus Ahrens, Donna Halsband, Jeff Hsu,  and Stephen Schamber

Jennifer Bell and Erin Reilly

Elizabeth Basile, Erika Habersaat, Peter Fiume, Andy and Peggy Johnson, Duane Oakes, Erika Harp, and Megan Johnson

Martha Burzycki and Kristina Dower

Debbie Collins and Roger Henry

Dep-wah Davis

Dan Dimitriu

Donna Killian Duffy and Clea Andreadis

John Duffy

Clark Friesen

Angela Hamilton and Pamela Garvey

Nicholas Holton

Janell Lang, Beth Ann Hatkevich, and Tekla Madaras

Veronica Oforlea

Dave Pettes, Michel Ouellette, Kasandra Garcia, and Amber Ybarra

Janetta Ritter

Faith San Felice, Diane Scovill, and Ken Marquard

Lucylle Shelton and Jodie Vangrov

Anna Verhoye and Susan Allen