20th CCNCCE International Conference, 2011

Hand in Hand: Service Learning and College Completion



Presenter Materials

Keynote Speaker: Stephen A. Patrick, Senior Program Officer, U.S. Program, Education-Postsecondary Success, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Keynote Speaker: Shela Hidalgo, Student and 2010-11 Vice President of Hallmarks, Phi Theta Kappa, Mesa Community College

Keynote Speaker: Andrew Furco, Associate Vice President for Public Engagement and Associate Professor, University of Minnesota

Keynote Speaker: Jacki Belin, Dean of college Advancement, Raritan Valley Community College


David Burns, Robert Franco, and Amy Shachter


Markus Ahrens and Robyn Barrett

Prabha Betne and Cindy Kaus

Janice A. Buttler and Susan P. Williams

Charles Guigno and Mandy Fraley

Sherry Knoppers, Sandra Andrews, and Leigh Kleinert

Catherine Lipnick-Martin

Esther Luna

Scott Russell, Lauren Lucchese, and Lexi Harvey

LeAnneShepard and Cynthia Maguire

Matthew Sweeney and Linda Kelly

Lisa Westrick and Edmund Priddis

Carol Wilkinson, Rachael Horn and Valerie Knox