SAFE Abstracts

Supporting Actions for Engagement (SAFE)

Funded by the Corporation for
National and Community Service
Learn and Serve America, Higher Education


The three-year Supporting Actions for Engagement (SAFE) grant, funded by the Community College National Center for Community Engagement through the Corporation for National and Community Service, began in January, 2004. The focus of the grant was on disaster and emergency preparedness through service learning. The institutions that participated were at different levels with regards to service learning on their campuses – some had long-running programs, others had established service learning on their campuses only a few years earlier, and others were using the SAFE grant as a first step in establishing service learning at their institutions. In addition, two tribal colleges were funded in the last year of the grant. After the SAFE grant ended in the fall of 2006, five of the original SAFE campuses were offered a one-year extension grant for continued SAFE projects.

This final collection of articles by the SAFE subgrantees serves to coalesce the reflections on and examples of these five campuses’ SAFE initiatives; how they got started; some of the lessons learned along the way; some of their best examples of projects and activities that students developed and implemented in their communities; and how they have raised the level of awareness at their institutions about service learning and civic engagement.

Previous collections of articles written by the SAFE sub-grantees can be found on CCNCCE’s home page. Click on the “Home” button above, then go to the “Resources” drop-down menu and select “Publications” for other SAFE articles and resources and other resources published by CCNCCE.

SAFE Abstracts

SAFE Helps HCC…A Lot!!
Cynthia Hawkins, Ph.D., Sharon Miller, Ph.D.,
Barbara Ritter, B.S., and William Day , Ph.D.
Hillsborough Community College

Making Plans, Marking Progress, and Allowing the Future to Unfold: Reflections on the SAFE Grant Experience at Kenai Peninsula College
Cheryl Davis, Krista Timlin, and Janice High
Kenai Peninsula College

In the Beginning: Learning to Walk
Debra Bohr
Northampton Community College

Lessons Learned from the SAFE Grant Project at Raritan Valley Community College
Lori Moog
Raritan Valley Community College

Teacher Preparation and Education Programs: SAFE Project – 2006-2007
Ola Jackson
Riverside Community College District

This material is based upon work supported by the Corporation for National and Community Service under Learn and Serve America Grant No. 03LHHAZ001. Opinions or points of view expressed in this document are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Corporation or the Learn and Serve America Program or the Community College National Center for Community Engagement.